Treehouse Nursery / Commitment to Early Years Education

Founded in 1991 in the Wanstead area, Treehouse Nursery has spent many years building up a trusted reputation as a provider of pre-school childcare and education in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which soon becomes a home from home. Treehouse Nursery positively identifies the importance of under-five education, providing a full time infant teacher and a wide range of stimulating, educational and fun activities to promote academic learning and social development. The commitment to early years education is further demonstrated at Treehouse Nursery through their pride in having 97% of qualified early years practitioners with a minimum of NVQ level 2 and a management team which includes two ex- OFSTED / Tribal inspectors holding more than thirty years’ childcare experience between them.

Treehouse NurseryIn-house training is provided at Treehouse Nursery and covers areas such as first aid, health and safety, safeguarding and data protection, and the majority of staff are qualified paediatric first-aiders. The top quality nursery facilities at Treehouse Nursery include a floor to ceiling soft play area for physical and social development and interactive whiteboards to help deliver challenging and creative curriculum learning, an outstanding garden and outdoor play area and display screens for parents to view their children’s achievements and to instil pride in the children in their own work. For complete parental peace of mind regarding safety, access to Treehouse Nursery is granted only to authorised personnel using a biometric fingerprint recognition system.

Each child who is to attend Treehouse Nursery is firstly assigned a key person, who will be responsible for their welfare and learning throughout their time at the nursery. The Treehouse Nursery key person along with a parental liaison officer will offer a home visit in order to begin to get to know each child in their home environment and ease the transition into nursery school. Once at Treehouse Nursery each child’s key person spends time with them on an individual level, developing a personal bond and a secure and trusted relationship. Eventually each child at Treehouse Nursery will be given an individual learning and care plan which is developed by the key person and in tandem with parents in order to provide the best and most appropriate level of education and care. Parents of Treehouse Nursery children are invited at any point to share their views, ideas and concerns with their child’s key person, who is then able to act upon these in an appropriate fashion.

Quality Childcare is Not a Myth: It is Treehouse Nursery School

Since 1991, Treehouse Nursery School has been in the business of not only taking care of children starting at the age of three months, but it also educates with their before-school and after-school programmes. Whether your son loves to build things or you have a daughter who likes to play dress up, every child will be given the chance to explore his or her creative side in a nurturing, safe and supportive environment at Treehouse Nursery School.

Beginning with the staff, nearly every teacher and care provider at Treehouse Nursery School goes through several hours of in-depth and intense training that includes the centre’s procedures and policies, first aid, health and safety and safeguarding. Nearly every staff member holds a level two and above childcare qualification and 50% of them currently hold a valid paediatric first aid certificate. On top of that, the managers all have more than thirty years of experience working in an early childcare setting so you know you are getting highly qualified and well-educated teachers and caregivers at Treehouse Nursery School.

If safety is a concern, and it is for many parents, Treehouse Nursery School takes the safety and security of their facility and your children very seriously. Only people who are authorised to enter the building can do so with a biometric finger print. There are also closed-captioned television cameras located in each building so that the staff knows where each child is, they are playing safely and no one is in the building who is not allowed. Treehouse Nursery School even has display screens that parents can use to view what their children have been doing throughout the day.

Treehouse Nursery When your child wants an opportunity to run around and get physical, Treehouse Nursery School is proud to have a floor-to-ceiling soft play room. It is the perfect setting for safe play. There is also an outside garden for playing in the fresh, open air on nice days, an interactive white board, games, dress up clothes, paint, books and so much more. There are even room pets, like a bunny rabbit, that children can enjoy.

If all of this sounds like the perfect place for your child, take a ride to one of the two Treehouse Nursery School facilities in Wanstead. The friendly staff will be happy to give you a tour and answer any questions or concerns you might have. And if someone tries to tell you that there are no good childcare centres around anywhere, tell them to visit Treehouse Nursery School. They will be pleasantly surprised by how much quality, experience and love the school has to offer.

Treehouse Nursery School | Company Profile

Established in 1991, Treehouse Nursery School is a leading childcare and pre-school care offering a happy and relaxed atmosphere to parents in Wanstead. Having maintained their good reputation over the past 22 years, Treehouse Nursery School is renowned for having a multi-cultural and socially diverse environment that is conducive to learning and social development.

Treehouse NurseryTreehouse Nursery School offer facilities for babies from three months with specialised care right up to the age of five years, as well as before and after school programmes. There is also a holiday club service to allow parents to continue with their careers and the family’s routine during the main school breaks.

Treehouse Nursery School is built on the philosophy of a child-centric approach where time is spent with each child and interaction with an educator best suited to the child’s needs and wants is selected. The highly qualified nursery staff constantly assess a child’s specific needs and interests. Treehouse Nursery School staff take their in-depth understanding of the individual children into account when selecting activities, educational facilitation and stimulants for learning and entertainment.

A number of activities for both education and entertainment are available to the children who play and learn freely. Treehouse Nursery School has a highly trained education team who have a wealth of knowledge among them, and who have been trained to Treehouse Nursery School childcare and educational philosophies which is in line with UK Government guidelines and approved by Ofsted inspections. Classes are technologically up to date, allowing educators to teach classes by means of interactive white boards, able to hold the attention of children growing up in the digital age.

At Treehouse Nursery School, Parents are required to be part of their child’s journey and development, by being encouraged to get involved with their children’s facilitation with the educators. All curriculums are prepared for educational development and are delivered for optimum physical and intellectual growth and life experiences that offer stimulation and social development. In return, parents receive peace of mind that their children are being cared for through the school’s child-centric approach. Treehouse Nursery School truly is a home away from home for children where they are happy and well cared for.

Treehouse Nursery School ensures that your child’s educational needs have been taken care of and will also take care of their health and nutrition. Treehouse Nursery School has a four week menu that caters to the special dietary requirements for children of all cultures.

Treehouse Nursery School – Bio

Treehouse Nursery School is a childcare centre for babies and young children. The Nursery has been taking care of children since it opened in 1991. Treehouse Nursery School offers childcare for babies from three months old, to young children of 5 years old. They also provide a before and after school club to suit parents who work and have older children.

Treehouse Nursery The Treehouse Nursery School have your child’s happiness and welfare as their sole goal, and can be trusted to take care of your children while you are at work. They recognise children as individuals, with individual wants and needs. In order to satisfy your child’s need and interests, the staff at Treehouse Nursery School take the time to get to know the children, and notice what they enjoy and what they don’t. Once this is known, the staff can tailor activities to entertain and suit to ensure the kids get maximum value from their time away from their parents. The team at Treehouse Nursery School also offer a programme for children to try all of the activities on offer to ensure that they experience new things, and learn along the way.

The team at Treehouse Nursery School want your children to learn while they are there, and there is a full time infant teacher employed on the staff. To help to deliver learning tasks, they have interactive whiteboards to demonstrate colours, numbers, letters and more. They take under fives’ education seriously and feel that it is important for children to learn as they play. There are many group activities to teach children how to interact with each other and share what they are learning at Treehouse Nursery School. Parents are also welcome to join in the participation and see how their child is learning, and what they are learning so that they can continue at home.

The staff at Treehouse Nursery School ensure that they provide your children with a safe and relaxed atmosphere when they are in their care. Treehouse Nursery School offers a home from home for your little ones, where they can play, have fun, and be safe at all times. The trained staff engage with the children and ensure that they are happy and feel comfortable in their surroundings, just as they would at home.

The children at Treehouse Nursery School come from over thirty two different countries across the globe, and Treehouse Nursery School welcomes the diversity and culture that these children bring with open arms.

Treehouse Nursery – The Locations

Treehouse Nursery The Treehouse Nursery School has been a highly respected childcare provider since 1991, catering to children ranging from 3-month old babies to 5-year olds. They put great interest in each child’s individual needs, offering personalised care to promote a relaxed, nurturing atmosphere and proper development.

Treehouse Nursery Schools Ltd currently operates 2 nurseries and an after-school club. Let’s take a closer look at the nurseries.

Treehouse Nursery – Woodbine Place

This is the largest of the Treehouse Nursery schools, located on 35 Woodbine Place, in the beautiful, green Wanstead. The school is open from 8 am to 6:30 pm and is designed to accommodate 132 children of up to 5 years old.

The Treehouse Nursery features 8 nursery rooms, each with its own fun theme, and each assigned to a different room leader. The rooms are as follows:

  • Alice Room
  • Beatrix Room
  • Winnie Room
  • Tigger Room
  • Clown Room
  • Peter Pan Room
  • Snow White Room
  • Aladdin Room

One of the most popular advantages offered by the Woodbine Place Treehouse Nursery school is their amazing, newly refurbished garden, where the kids can have a lot of fun, while also getting some fresh air and learning new things about the environment.

Treehouse Nursery – Cambridge Park

Located on 25 Cambridge Park, Wanstead, the second Treehouse Nursery was opened in a former Methodist Church, a building that is more than 130 years old. The old building was bought by the nursery owner, Paul Samouelle, in 2012, and turned into a warm, beautiful facility able to accommodate 120 children of up 5 years old.

The Cambridge Park Treehouse Nursery is open from 7:30 in the morning until 6:30 pm (extended hours until 7 pm). It is equipped with top-notch equipment and modern resources, and employs high security measures (including CCTV cameras) to make sure the children will be safe at all times.

Another highlight of the Cambridge Park Treehouse Nursery is the enormous soft play area built inside, which provides endless fun for the kids, while also helping them develop their balance, coordination and other physical skills.

Just like the Woodbine Place facility, this Treehouse Nursery has themed rooms, as follows:

  • Parrot Room
  • Canary Room
  • Sparrow Room
  • Flamingo Room
  • Bluebird Room
  • Robin Room

More information about the facilities can be found on the official Treehouse Nursery website, as well as details about the schools’ approach to childcare, active learning and healthy nutrition in nurseries.

Trust Your Kids at Treehouse Nursery School

For more than twenty years, the Treehouse Nursery has been providing the highest level of care and services when it comes to taking care of children. Starting at three months old, the Treehouse Nursery knows that children are precious, unique and have their own set of wants and needs. They gladly meet those requirements and then some with their expert staff who are at the ready to make every child feel loved and safe when they are at Treehouse Nursery.

Not every child is comfortable when placed in a day care setting for the first time. The transition from home with mom and dad to new surroundings with unfamiliar faces can be very traumatic and stressful for a child. For this reason, the Treehouse Nursery staff makes certain that every child gets their full attention and is welcomed with open arms and a tremendous sense of security. They can explore on their own or with a staff member until he or she feels more at ease in this new environment.

Treehouse NurseryChildren who are older than five years and attend school can also benefit from Treehouse Nursery School’s before-school and after-school programmes. Because each child has individual interests, the school designs activities that are best suited to match these interests so that the children are never bored or feel like they cannot do something. The support and guidance from the staff at Treehouse Nursery enables every child to thrive, grow and learn without having to worry about not meeting expectations or that he or she might fail. No child is ever left feeling unfulfilled or frustrated. If a child has the ability to do something more challenging, that opportunity is given by the staff, who are always finding new ways to educate the children, but still have fun in the process.

Finally, parents are not left out of the picture. Treehouse Nursery understands and appreciates the importance of parents even in an out-of-home care arrangement. Parents are always welcome to come in and explore the facility, see what their children are doing, take part in doing activities with them and ask any questions they may have as it relates to their child and his or her education and well-being. We encourage mums and dads to interact with their children by doing a project together or some other type of activity as parents working with their children is the foundation for their success later in life. Treehouse Nursery is as parent-friendly as it is kid-friendly.

If you are in need of care for your infant, toddler or school-aged child, Treehouse Nursery wants you to know that they take their responsibility as childcare facilitators very seriously and want nothing but the best for your child and you. Being a parent is difficult enough without having the extra worry of who is taking care of them in your absence. This is why Treehouse Nursery has been in business for so long and continues helping families by parent-friendly with the utmost amount of care, encouragement and communication.

At Treehouse Nursery School, Every Child is Important

You decide to enrol your child in a nursery school only to find out that he or she is not being taken care of to your liking or spends more time by him or herself than with the staff or other children at the school. This is the last thing you want to hear from your child or see for yourself. Unfortunately, some nursery schools are in the business of being in business which means money is more important than the task at hand—taking exceptional care of the children that are entrusted to them.

Treehouse Nursery School knows that children are unique individuals with their own set of interests, needs and skills. For this reason, it is important that the staff gets to know each child as well as they can so that they can better serve them in helping them learn, grow and develop. If a child needs specific help in speaking, developing fine motor skills or understanding certain concepts, the staff will make sure that the child works with tools that will help him or her improve these skills. No child will be given activities or work that is beyond his or her skill level. Each child at Treehouse Nursery School is assessed and given work and activities that will benefit their long-term growth and development.

This unique style is what sets the school apart from others who do not take the time to understand and assess each child. When this is not done, a child’s development can suffer and be delayed Treehouse Nurserybecause he or she is not getting the proper tools to hone in on specific skills. You are basically paying for a babysitter to watch and feed your child without doing much else. A reputable nursery school should take the time to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the children they are in charge of and the best ways to go about helping them build on what they know and improve on what they do not.

If you feel the nursery school that your child is attending is not doing as much as they should, you are entitled to find out why and whether or not the school is the right fit for your child. There is nothing wrong with questioning the staff and directors to learn what their policies and procedures are when it comes to the school’s program and curriculum. And if you do not like what you hear, there are many other nursery schools that you can look into until you find one that serves your child’s best interests.

Treehouse Nursery – Aims and objectives

Treehouse Nursery is situated in Wanstead, London in the United Kingdom and was established in 1991 in order to provide childcare services for babies and infants ranging from the years of 3 months to 5 years of age. Treehouse Nursery excels at providing a safe and secure learning environment for all of the children in their care and this dedication and commitment to the well-being of the children attending the nursery has seen their reputation soar over the past couple of decades. The staff at Treehouse Nursery are all fully qualified carers with a genuine inTreehouse Nurseryterest in the development of each and every child in their care and a great deal of effort has gone into both staff recruitment and the facilities provided at the nursery.

Treehouse Nursery currently has two individual nurseries that offer childcare in Wanstead and a further facility that provides a breakfast, after-school and holiday childcare service. Each child within their care is treated on an individual basis and careful assessment and implementation of suitable activities plays a major part in the day to day running of Treehouse Nursery. The staff at the nursery are committed to allowing the children in their care the opportunity to experience new activities and to develop their own personalities during their time at Treehouse Nursery. This has resulted in a positive and happy environment for the children attending the nursery and ensures peace of mind for the parents of the children. The facilities at Treehouse Nursery are safe, secure and enjoyable which results in the children in their care interacting in a relaxed manner much like they would in their own homes.

Treehouse Nursery are keen to promote parental interaction at the nursery and parents are encouraged to play a full part in the development of their own children. Parents are welcome to become involved in the education of the children at Treehouse Nursery and staff believe that this is a very important aspect in relation to developing a long term interest in the child’s ongoing development. Staff at Treehouse Nursery also point out that this is an excellent way of spending quality time with ones child in a relaxed environment, ultimately increasing the strong bond between parent and child.

Treehouse Nursery – Safety and security

Treehouse Nursery was officially established in 1991, in order to meet the growing need for exceptional childcare services within the Wanstead area of London. Treehouse Nursery currently operates two individual nurseries within Wanstead, both of which have burgeoning reputations in relation to child welfare and development. Treehouse Nursery are the Champions of Early Learning Foundation and achieve this through a number of key objectives. Treehouse Nursery understands the importance of maintaining the highest of standards in relation to all aspects of childcare and have developed a number of key area’s to ensure that their standards remain as high as possible at all times. This has a direct impact on the well-being and development of the children in their care and ensures that a happy and relaxed atmosphere is provided to the children during their time at the nursery.

Treehouse Nursery possesses a committed and dedicated team of staff that have a genuine interest in the happiness and the development of each and every child in their care. Indeed, over 97% of the staff at Treehouse Nursery are fully qualified early years practitioners who possess a minimum of NVQ Level 2 in childcare. Treehouse Nursery is extremely proud of their staff and emphasise to parents the experience, dedication and expertise that is available to their children during their time at the nursery. Treehouse Nursery is also pleased to inform the public that they currently employ an Early Years Professional (Level 7) who provides first class care to the children at the nursery as well as playing an important role in the early learning development of each child.

Treehouse NurserySafety and first aid is obviously something that is extremely important when it concerns young children and Treehouse Nursery have taken great care to ensure that all of their staff receive in-house training in relation to child safety and first aid techniques. All of the children at Treehouse Nursery benefit from an efficient security process that only allows authorised people access to the building itself through successful biometric fingerprint screening. In addition to this, both of their nurseries benefit from a fully operational CCTV system that monitors the activities in and around the nurseries at all times. This proven process with regards to safety and security ensures that each parent is assured that their child is in a safe environment during their entire stay throughout the day.

Treehouse Nursery – Induction process and dietary requirements

Treehouse Nursery currently operates two individual nurseries within the Wanstead area. They were established in 1991 and have extensive experience in relation to providing first class childcare for children between the ages of three months and five years. Treehouse Nurseries also provide breakfast, after school and holiday childcare services from an additional centre in the Wanstead area. The staff at Treehouse Nursery are dedicated to providing exceptional child care services and are committed to the continued development of each child in their care. The majority of the staff at Treehouse Nursery holds a minimum of NVQ Level 2 in childcare. Treehouse Nursery is extremely proud of their staff and emphasise to parents the experience, dedication and expertise that is available to their children during their time at the nursery. In addition to these members of staff, the nursery also employs a full time infant teacher that works closely with all of the children during learning activities in order to prepare them for their future education.

Treehouse Nursery recognise that in order to provide the highest levels of childcare, develop a child’s personality and ensure that each child is happy and relaxed during their time at the nursery a number of key aspects and standards must be maintained. Initially, a child maybe apprehensive and nervous regarding their early stages of attendance and this is something that Treehouse Nursery has worked hard to minimise. They currently offer home visits to incoming children whereby staff from the nursery visit the homes of the children and interact with them prior to their attendance. This makes the experience of the first few months at the nursery a more relaxing time around familiar faces. A parent liaison officer is also on hand at each home visit to discuss the needs and requirements of each child and to ensure that the transition between time spent at home and time spent at nursery is as relaxed as possible.

Treehouse Nursery Another key aspect that plays a prominent role at Treehouse Nursery is in relation to dietary requirements. Treehouse Nursery understands that each child is different and as such may require individual diets. The staff at the nursery work very closely with parents to ensure that the exact dietary requirements of the children are met, during their time at the nursery.